Thursday, 9 August 2012

Blog brothers

So, two weeks into it and I'm really enjoying the whole blogging thing.

I now understand why it's so popular. The chance to air and share your views with the world, to hopefully help, entertain, stimulate and inspire, is a powerful draw. I know blogging has been going on for ages and I'm really late to this party, but better late than never (and I brought a bottle! Of Tippex!).

Having said this, I feel at the grand old age of two weeks, it's time for to have a baby sibling! As my many pages of scribbled notes will testify, I still have a ton of ideas for posts about photography and art. However, look among the spidery scrawl, and you will see ideas for posts about a range of other ideas.

So, I've decided to create as a mouthpiece for posts on all subjects other than art and photography. But everything else is up for consideration. By 'everything else' I probably mainly mean cakes, cricket and string theory (just how long is it?), but the fun part is seeing how it actually develops.

I could easily write a post everyday if that was all I had to do. Alas, in order to feed my blog-children with the electricity they need to function, I have to perform my paid duties as an office chimpanzee (or 'chimpanzed' if you prefer the English pronunciation). This sees me randomly typing on a keyboard whilst hoping nothing breaks and no one dies. Inevitably one's mind is left jaded from extended periods in the office zoo, so blogging is often going to be more intermittent than I would like, but please know that I'm always thinking of you.

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on what I've written so far.

*hugs you all*

*realises I forgot to tell you I've just been chucking my own excrement around my cage*

*shares out hand sanitiser*


  1. The thing is with blogging is that it becomes just slightly addictive, even if you don't do it every day.
    Love the photos. Visiting Salisbuy this weekend so hope to have a good look around.

    1. I'm definitely finding that myself. When I don't get the chance to blog, I get agitated, wondering when I'm going to get my next fix. I've started selling stuff & stealing from my mum's purse,just to score me my next hit.

      Hope you have a lovely time in Salisbury. I've arranged for them to put on a market on Saturday morning & open up the cathedral to visitors all weekend.